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welcome you all to Techoragon the home of techies 😍 .

This forum is all about creating a platform where we share our knowledge to help each other out

However to ensure that the primary goal of creating this forum is achieved, I therefore make out this rules (It's our pleasure to see you stick to them so that we all will get along and go a long way in achieving our aim):

  • Watch your language. Be polite to other users in the forum, no foul language, no racism, no violence, no sexual content. We are here to learn from each other.

  • Don't post outside relevant categories. The forum is heavily moderated, so take note or you post/posts will be deleted without comment.

  • Scams and forums Spams are totally prohibited. They would be dealt with seriously as it is against the objectives of this forum. A "report scam" board has being created for this purpose.

  • One account per user. No multiple accounts. Please adhere strictly or else your accounts will be disabled.

  • Help keep the forums safe and clean. Report all offensive posts to the Admin/mods by using the "report" option as soon as you find any.

  • Your signature file should not be lines long. Administrator's Note: this forum was established solely for the purpose of disseminating information and empowering folks around the globe.You should realize that offers and contacts you make/subscribe to in here are solely your responsibility. Please do your due diligence before investing in any offer on this site.

  • Also read how to lock your contents with tb cash

Finally , if we all adhere by these rules, we will all enjoy all that this forum has got in stock for us. Thanks as you comply.

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