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Hey Guys
If you're a lover of arcade racing games with real life circuits and locations then Asphalt 9 is definitely for

Reasons why you need to play Asphalt

1. Real life locations
Asphalt 9 Racing game comes with real life locations unlike most other racing games with imaginary and crafted locations
Asphalt 9 comes with various popular cities like
San Francisco
New York etc.

2. The Best Graphics
Asphalt with the help of physics Engine technology has the best graphics of any mobile racing game right now
What does the physics engine technology do
With the help of physics engine technology the Asphalt 9 developers were able to render every bits of live actions and graphics as much as possible

Which means while playing the game
You experience the following
Mud splash
Water splash
Heavy wind
Tire smoke and dust

3. Interactive club
The Asphalt 9 developer managed to add a useful feature that allows Asphalt 9 players from any part of the planet to interact and earn season reps which can help in unlocking many useful features such as
New cars
Car Engine upgrades
In Game currency etc

4. Annual Esports Events :
Just like most mobile high end games like
Asphalt also has it own yearly Esports event where there are various prices ups for grasp
The winner of the last Esports Event won a total of
7 million Naira
Just for playing racing game

For those who have already started their Asphalt journey and are looking for an active club to join
Well good news as I just created a new club few days ago after giving it a thought

The screenshot of the club details will be posted below
If you have any problem contact me on WhatsApp

Note: Asphalt Clubs have a threshold of 20 members
And only 18 slot is left A minimum of 800 Reps is required to keep your place at the club

For those New to the game an wants to start their own Journey click the link below to download Asphalt for
Android iOS Nintendo switch and Windows :

Asphalt 9: Legends - Arcade Racing | Asphalt Legends


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