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MTN Free browsing tweak 2020 trick update.
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Although this tweak has been around we only fixed some issues because we received alot of complains that MTN 50 Mb tweak is not working again. So we decided to fix issue for everyone permanently..

Things To note: MTN free browsing tweak 2020 is currently working on only stark vpn reloaded 2020 So follow the steps below probably to activate the MTN free browsing tweak 2020

Requirements for MTN Free browsing tweak:

.MTN 3g/4g SIM
.0.0kb data
.Stark VPN Reloaded VPN
download here

Procedure in activating the MTN free browsing tweak 2020.

After some testing we finally figured it out that the reason the tweak refused to connect for some persons lies in the APN configuration.. So before you proceed with the MTN free browsing settings configure your apn as described below.

Leave your default APN like that only tweak the APN proxy to the below proxy.

Proxy :
Port: 8080
Add the above proxy to your apn setting.

After adding the proxy to your apn settings proced to activate the MTN free browsing tweak..

.Launch the vpn you earlier downloaded

The application will be opened there you will see the tweak list

.Go to the server list

This point scroll to MTN free 50mb daily.
Click on connect wait till the vpn connects I.e you will see a green icon showing connected..

By then you already have activated the tweaks

Note. Incase you receive an error like server is full
keep trying till you get connected thanks

Tweak summary : This is just a little trick in activating MTN free browsing tweak 2020 thanks

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Nice update. For those that have the app before should just update to latest version from Google Play Store. Besides, when it shows "Server Full" when connecting, just cancel and reconnect again
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