pc tool How to unlock any modem to use all networks


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Today i will be sharing a simple trick how you can unblock a modem so it can work for other isp. without problem

1. PC ,laptops
2. Windows 7, 8 10😉
3. Modem unlockers
Download below

1.normal dc modem unlocker
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2. DC modem unlocker with Huawei data
Download below

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Contains Huawei modem driver for modem detection

Step in unlocking the modems
1. Install and run the the unlockers
Note: if it is a huawei origin modem use the second unlocker

2.put another Sim to the modem. It pops up a message telling you to put unlock code.

Open the software from your computer, tap the auto 🔎 search.
If it detect the modem, click unlock.

😉finally you unlocked the modem[/charge]
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