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How to enable app sharing in the Google Play Store
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  • Open the Play Store.
  • Go to settings in playstore
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on playstore version, if you're not in the latest version, playstore will automatically update itself. Wait till it does so.
  • Navigate to My apps & games in the app menu.
  • Select the Share tab.
  • To share apps with others, tap the Send button. To receive apps, tap Receive.
  • On the Send apps screen, tap Continue. Nearby Share also requires that you switch on your device’s location.
  • Select as many apps as you wish on the next screen by selecting their checkboxes. When complete, hit the green triangle in the top-right.
  • Before the transfer can begin, you’ll need to search for and select a recipient. At this point, ask the intended recipient to complete steps 1 through 3 as required.
  • Once the connection is established, both users will need to double-check that the four-digit pairing code matches. If so, the recipient can hit Receive.
  • The download will then begin, and the recipient can hit Install alongside individual apps, or Install all.
Interestingly, once the two devices establish a connection via Nearby Share, both users can act as sender or recipient. A “Send apps” button allows the recipient to do just that, while the sender will see a “Send more apps” option instead.

Have you given the Google Play Store app sharing feature a try? Let us know in the comments below.