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Are you Tired of Paying N100, Daily, N300 Weekly & N 1000 Monthly but still Wants to Browse like never before?

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This is the New & Latest Tweak that Rock on the MTN Data Bundle Packages!

Follow these steps below;

1. Subscribe to any mtn data weather Daily, weekly or Monthly

e.g N300 bundle which gives 1.5GB 7days by dialing *121# and reply with 1 or *567# You subscribe direct using myMTN app.

2. They will give the day & Time by which your 1.5GB will expire (Take note of the time)

3. Always check your Remaining Mb left while browsing.

4. Stop browsing wen u have 1mb left, Then wait and start browsing 30-40 minutes left for your bundle to expire

5. MTN Server will automatically Reset your Bundle to 1.5GB® always...

Make sure you always repeat the step each time u are left with 1mb data.

If Mtn tells you your 1.5GB will Expire by 11:00pm, Stop browsing wen ur 1.5gb remains 1mb and wait until it's 10:30pm, Then browse from 10:30pm upward, Your Bundle will never expire!!!

NB: i have used this trick twice and its working like mad, and am using it.

Pls kindly comment if u don't these clearly and share your experience.
Thank you!

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