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🔥🔥 Private Netflix Account Creating via Direct Debit | Working Method 🏆🏆

Working perfect 💯✨ Go And Make Your Accounts Before Patched.

Things Necessary:
VPN: Express VPN
Browser: Brave


1. Download Brave browser from playstore

2. Connect Express VPN to Germany

3. Go to and fill email in box (example: [email protected]) and click get started.

4. Choose any plan you want (i suggest choose premium plan of euro 15.99 a month)

5. Go to billing and choose 2nd option which is direct Debit.

6. Now visit: and generate any IBAN of country France or Italy (no other country will be able to bypass otp)

7. In billing detail use any random fake information, just city and zip should be of country of IBAN (like if you are putting france iban use zip and city of france only and same applies for Italy)

8. And then click start paid membership and it will ask you to enter mobile number for password recovery, don't put any number just click on continue.

Voila you got private Netflix for free just setup your profile and login in app, and start watching.

Credit: @Breaking_Limits 👍


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