MTN How to Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data and Browse Unlimitedly


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MTN and Airtel Recently partnered with Opera to offer free 50MB worth of browsing daily to their subscribers.Most people think its not worth it as 50Mb daily is too small considering how miniaturized and uncomfortable Opera Mini Browser makes browsing for some users.
Today however I have discovered a tweak for the opera mini daily free browsing for MTN users particularly. With this little hack and setting you will be able to enjoy unlimited browsing on MTN and possibly Airtel with the Opera Mini or Opera Browser.
I urge you to read te information on this page carefully and also take down and follow the instructions carefully to avoid the little hack not working for you. LETS GO STRAIGHT TO THE POINT.
  • A smartphone
  • Opera Mini or Opera Browser (you can also use the Opera News App with same mb)
  • An MTN Sim card
  • Following the Instructions on this page
  • How To Bypass The Daily Opera Free 50MB on MTN

    Bypassing the free daily 50MB means that you can use as much as you want to without being restricted.
    All you need to bypass this tweak is ability to follow instructions..
    To bypass the daily Opera Free 50MB, you have to switch on your data connection and launch the Opera Browser. After launching the browser you will be prompted to accept that you have been granted free 50MB data on MTN, just tap on I'm in" and start browsing.
    make sure you browse until the normal 50MB gets exhausted.
    Once you have exhausted the normal 50MB data and your browsing stops. Go to settings and select Applications, look for Opera Mini Browser and tap on clear cache and clear storage or data ( dependent on your android version).
    • When you are done clearing the data and cache. Switch off your data connection for some minutes and switch it back on again, then navigate to the Opera mini browser and immediately it starts reinstalling all the installation fils you will get another message informing you that you have free 50MB data to enjoy for the day. Once installation finishes, enter any web address you wish to access and start browsing again till it finishes.
      To continue enjoying the 50MB, just repeat the above process, till you are tired of browsing.