Google Pixel 4 With Android R (android 11) Spotted On Geekbench ( leaked)


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Google launched Android 10 barely four months ago in September 2019. Now, we are already hearing about Android 11. Google Pixel 4 recently surfaced on popular benchmark platform, Geekbench. The Geekbench listing showed the device running the yet-to-be-released Android 11 Operating System.

The listing shows that the device scored 712 in the single-core test and 2,181 in the multi-core test. We also see that it features 6GB of RAM, specs that check out for the Google Pixel 4.

The spotted Google Pixel 4 runs Android R developer preview. This is in line, considering that Google usually releases four to six beta versions of Android before making it public.

Google already scrapped the dessert naming scheme for Android versions. However, apparently, the search engine giant is keeping the alphabetical naming scheme for the developer preview. That would explain why we have “Android R” listed and not “Android 11”.

We do not yet have all the information regarding the upcoming Android 11. However, we believe that Google may officially announce the Android R developer preview program in a matter of weeks. We will definitely get more information about it before it eventually goes official later this year.

We expect Google Pixel devices to be the first to receive the beta updates. So, it is not surprising to see a Pixel phone spotting it on Geekbench before any other phone.

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