Tips Glo Launches Glo TV, Your One Stop Point For Entertainment


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Telecommunication giant Globacom has launch Glo TV to promote all-round entertainment to its subscribers.

The mobile TV series is designed to offer premium all-round entertainment news and sport stories as a one-stop destination.It will run on the network’s 4G technology to guarantee pleasant streaming.

Glo TV

GLO-TV enables you watch live TV and movies on demand from your mobile devices or smart phones. You can get to watch popular Nollywood Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and English movies. Available to watch also are Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

International TV stations and many more are also available.

Globacom said: “We are confident that with the launch of Glo TV, our network will cater to the content preferences of Nigerians across different socio-economic groups and offer them an exclusive opportunity to experience the best-in-class TV content.”

Glo tv

“Glo TV brings engaging, interactive and premium entertainment content through a rich bouquet of offerings including hundreds of live entertainment programmes, music, documentary, news, original shows, fashion, lifestyle, kiddies’ interest channels and over 1,000 videos as the company continues to partner with content providers to address the needs of more customers across social strata”.

Glo subscribers who are news lovers and want to follow international news as it breaks can catch up with news-on-the-go channels including Aljazeera and France24, while subscribers who have interest in documentary channels can watch CGTN and RT Documentary, among many others.

On the other hand, Children’s interests are taken care of with kiddies’ channels such as ZooMOO, English Club TV and Lollykids are on offer to give healthy entertainment and robust education to children of all ages.

Furthermore, subscribers of all ages will have access to movie channels including Nolly Africa, African Movie Channel and Legacy Network, among others.

How to Begin
To start using the service, please follow the steps below-
1. Download GLO-TV App from Apple store, and Playstore.
2. Complete sign up on
3. Login into the GLO-TV app with your username and password.

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