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free airtime Application known as Electroneum. It's not necessarily an airtime application but it's a crypto currency mining Application that mines a crypto currency known as ETN; by mining I mean increases it on an hourly basis.

The ETN gotten from this application can be used for airtime and data top ups from the top ups section of the Electroneum application.

Yes, I believe you're lost, so I will do my best to find you and keep you where you're supposed to be;

How to Accumulate and Withdraw Upto 725Naira Airtime from Electroneum Application?

First of all, you need to have the Electroneum Application; which can be downloaded from HERE after which you sign up, don't login with Facebook to avoid losing some newbie bonuses.

When you're done with creating your personal account, just login to your newly created account and you will be greeted with a new interface, which will just display your ETN balance and how to generate more ETN rewards...

Just follow the prompt, till you're asked to do some tasks which will enable you earn more ETN and also activate your wallet, see below a screenshot of the tasks you will be asked to do


Now the tasks you will be asked to do will help you to activate your wallet for future increment through mining and also to get more ETN;

1. Set Up A Pin: This is the first task you will.be asked to complete when you click on the wallets option on the Electroneum application, just tap on it and set up any five digit number that you can easily remember so that next time when you're signing into the app you can enter it. This is for account security but you will be rewarded with 5etn for completing it.

2. Confirm Email address: while registering you are asked to fill in your email address so all you have to do is to go to your email address inbox and copy the code that was sent to you after registration and paste into the box provided for the verification to be done. You will be rewarded with 5etn.

3. Basic Info: here you are required to fill in basic information about yourself. This is to avoid creation of multiple accounts. You will be rewarded with 5etn.

4. Account security notice: this is to ensure you accept all account policies and prove to them that you are in support of all their policies. You will be rewarded with 5etn after completion.

5. Prove You're not a Robot: you will be asked to select some items to ensure you are not a robot planning to attack their system. You will also be rewarded with 5etn after doing this.

When you're done with the above, then your ETN wallet will be confirmed and ready to receive earnings.

How to Activate Your Account;

When you've done all these, just tap on the More option on your application dashboard and select generate more ETN, after which you tap on the referral program and scroll down to where you will be asked to enter a referral codedly; in the box, just copy 358384 and paste in the box to finally activate your account.


Now that's all you have to do as regards the activation of your wallet and account on the Electroneum Application.

How to Withdraw/Top Up your Airtime With ETN Acquired From Electroneum Application


Now it will be pointless talking about how to activate your account and wallet on Electroneum without talking about how to withdraw the said ETN as airtime, I know that and that's the reason I'm still going to break but down for you;

Note: You become eligible to withdraw your etn after it has gotten to 100
When you have upto 100ETN, just tap on Top Ups in your account dashboard and proceed with the number you want to withdraw your ETN to;

Then select the network operator you are using;

If you want to withdraw airtime as much as 700Naira from Electroneum it's better you leave your ETN to grow to 500+ ...

Note: You need to login to your ETN daily or weekly to keep extending your ETN rewards. But if you don't have data to login everyday make sure you login once every 7 days.

That's all you need to know about this new free airtime rewarding app. | Electroneum

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