AIRTEL A quick way to make your sim eligible for 1gb for 200


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So guys it me again, today I will be sharing how to make your Airtel Sim eligible for quick 1gb weekly plan

So let's get started
1. Airtel Sim card
2. Smartphone or any phone
3. Nothing lol

Now to explanation
Okay as we all know that the plan is for those that have not use their sim for a while, it's somehow called welcome back bonus.
To quickly make your sim eligible the first thing to do is migrate to smart-trybe, after migration use your sim for that whole day then remove it the second day, now there is no quick way like 3 days to be eligible or so but this way you will be able to in matter of weeks

So to the main tweak, after you remove your sim, abandon it for 6 weeks after abandoning for that timeframe put it back inside your phone and use it for few days Airtel will message you of your eligiblity. Now you can purchase the weekly plan for 100 and monthly for 100.

I just saved you stress of 3 months

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