AIRTEL 100naira for 2000 naira


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Guys it's me again, welcome to another tutorial

Before we started one thing to note is that this isn't a glitch or tweak, it's a promo stuff and requires eligiblity, so let's get down to the point.
1. Your Airtel Sim card
2. Prayer (lol)

So to business, there is currently a promo going on that gives you x20 of any amount you recharge on your airtel line, this thing isn't new as Airtel introduce it before but the scrap it but it's now back and better, so for any recharge you made you can turn it into x20 of that amount of the recharge card.

The little mystery about this is that many are eligible but they don't know about it, because most time Airtel won't notify you that you are eligible

So just dial *241# and select from the available options

So guys that's it, goodluck in testing your luck and eligiblity.

Hope you find this helpful, feel free to like, share and comment
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