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  1. ken

    MTN AIRTEL GLO 9mobile vpn the free server thread

    Recently all our configs where opened to everyone to use his private server for those that couldn't create there own server I will be dropping free servers accounts here thanks
  2. ken

    AIRTEL ehi Airtel Social plan tweak using http injector vpn [working May 2020] 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    HOW TO POWER ALL APPLICATION USING AIRTEL SOCIAL MB WITH HTTP INJECTOR Recently airtel increased the cap limit of there social media plan to 1gb for 200 and 500mb for 50 naira *141*104# AIRTEL SOCIAL PAN tweak Airtel social plan tweak 2020, Here is a a free browsing tweak for Airtel Nigeria...
  3. ken

    9mobile ehi 9mobile social plan 2.5gb tweak with http injector [Working May 2020] 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Here is 9mobile tweak published Follow the below proccese to activate the tweak REQUIREMENTS. 1.9mobile 3/4g sim card 2. 9mobile social plan code #350 plan *200# then choose 3...then 3....then 2 after activating any of the social plan follow the following steps to activate tweak.. Watch...