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  1. Sparkbuzz

    AIRTEL 100naira for 2000 naira

    Guys it's me again, welcome to another tutorial Before we started one thing to note is that this isn't a glitch or tweak, it's a promo stuff and requires eligiblity, so let's get down to the point. Requirements 1. Your Airtel Sim card 2. Prayer (lol) So to business, there is currently a promo...
  2. Sparkbuzz

    AIRTEL A quick way to make your sim eligible for 1gb for 200

    So guys it me again, today I will be sharing how to make your Airtel Sim eligible for quick 1gb weekly plan So let's get started Requirements 1. Airtel Sim card 2. Smartphone or any phone 3. Nothing lol Now to explanation Okay as we all know that the plan is for those that have not use their...
  3. Sparkbuzz

    MTN How to chat on WhatsApp and telegram for free using MTN Unlimitedly 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    So today I will share a simple system glitch that I have been enjoying for a while now Let's get to the point Things needed 1. MTN SIM card 2. Preferable plan is MTN pulse 3. Borrowing of airtime So how does it works And that's all thank you Any question please feel free to ask below