How to earn and spend TB cash on Techoragon

How to earn and spend TB cash on Techoragon 2020-02-27

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decided to start this guide, mostly to take track myself of the changes I do about our new currency system (TB Cash), but also because I wanted to share with you the various ways to gain (or lose) TB Cash so we can better finalize it, together.

I'll write below a simple chart (in text format) with the full list of actual ways of earning but also consuming TB Cash, sorted by amount. I also would like to remind that if you will to support us, you can also gain TB Cash thru donations, following this link.


1. When someone unlock your content with TB cash
This is earned when your content locked with TB cash is opened by another user
See how to lock contents with TB cash

TB cash earned depends on the amount you placed on your content

2. Posting a thread in any of the forums
This is earned when you post relevant thread to any part of the forum

cash earned 400TB
Only relevant post will be rewarded

3. Uploading your avatar
This is earned when you upload your avatar for the first time

cash earned 400TB
Cool avatar

4. Daily login
This is earned when you visit every day

200TB earned

No spam login

5. Reaction to posts/threads
This is when someone react to your threads..

200 TB earned

6. Someone liked your post/threads
This is when you receive a like from a member

100 TB earned

7. Some one download your resources

This is earned when someone download your resources

300TB earned

Ways to Lose TB cash

1. Downloading contents locked with TB cash
TB lost (depends on the cost)

2. Downloading Resources
TB lost 200

Thanks for joining and enjoy your stay, more than ever! ♥

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